• Upcoming Trends in the Tattoo and Piercing World

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    Now that tattoos and piercings have entered the American mainstream, hardcore body modification enthusiasts are looking for newer, more surprising, and more extreme ways to use their bodies as a canvas to express their individuality. Here are some of them:

    tumblr_m6p23zWqEd1rx3s17o1_500Eye Dyeing

    Eye dyeing, or eye tattooing, involves in injection of ink into the whites of the eyes. While this doesn’t allow for detailed, well-defined shapes, it does have undeniable shock value, especially when the entire white of the eye is colored. Ophthalmologists are understandably wary of this procedure and it is in fact illegal in at least one state already (Oklahoma). More are on their way, as this is considered far more dangerous than online gaming which is prohibited in most states (see microgamingonlinecasino.net)

    Skin Coloring

    Getting giant tattoos that cover an entire back, arm, or leg is getting more and more common. But normally these tattoos depict something meaningful to the person getting the tattoo. Using tattoo ink to essentially dye the skin a solid color across large portions of the body is an extreme twist on the large tattoo idea. Skin coloring is often used in connection with other body mods designed to make a human look like a creature such as a cat or lizard.

    Suspension Piercings820-med

    Piercing holes in the body that allow a person to be suspended by hooks is actually not a new idea. It can be traced back to ancient Native American rituals. But unlike their ancient counterparts, modern practitioners of suspension use healed piercings rather than fresh ones. The goal is similar: to have a spiritual experience.

    We still consider all of these body modifications weird today, but who’s to say what the future holds? Which ones will go the way of the tattoo and become mainstream?