• Transforming your body through tattoos & piercings

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    lizard_manFull body modification through tattooing and piercing is no new thing, just like playing slots at online casinos or paying with your phone is. It’s a growing trend, but the modern day pioneers of body modification are considered to be the late Dennis Avner, better known as Stalking Cat, Erik Sprague, aka The Lizardman, and, more recently, Jester Mayhone. These men have taken the idea of conceptual art and its relationship with the human body to a new level.

    On the 5th November 2012, Dennis Avner tragically cut short his own life, but left a legacy that has proved a true inspiration in the artistic and body transformation community. Stalking Cat, as the name suggests, dedicated himself to transforming his entire body so that he would resemble a female tiger. Tattooed almost from head to toe, Avner employed the services of body modification maverick Steve Haworth to rebuild his ears, lip, nose, and face to resemble a tiger, while his body was also transformed through extensive silicone work and customised teeth.

    o-STALKING-CAT-570Sprague, who has transformed his body by sharpening his teeth, having his entire body tattooed to resemble green scales, and created a bifurcated tongue, to name but a few body modifications, is another inspiration behind the latest wave of body modifiers. Avner and Sprague may be the father’s of modern day body modification, but Jester Mayhone certainly seems intent on carrying the torch. Jester is transforming his body, using tattoos, into that of a jester in full makeup and costume. Mayhone is intent on becoming a real life embodiment of his beliefs and artistic ideals.