• The 5 Weirdest Tattoos you have ever seen

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    Since the beginning of man’s awareness about their own body’s (I’m guessing prior to 1995) we have been getting some of the weirdest out of left-field tattoos imaginable. Some have gained notoriety based solely on their tattoo (the guy with leopard spots covering his body) and some have been ridiculed and made fun of to the point of no return. We see these images online of crazy tattoos, but we can’t help but ask the question- where are these people now?

    backheadtattoo 3Aside from a few famous tattoos, a whole new slew of tattoos have surfaced recently, spawning us to take a new look at what has been going on in the weird world of body art.

    Topping the list is a man who had a face tattooed on the back of his head. What makes this tattoo even more absurd is the fact that the face’s mustache is, quite literally, the man’s body hair, a mustache is left unshaven which covers a large portion of the bottom half of the guy’s upper neck in the back. Considering the eyes are tattooed bright blue, the whole thing is far too creepy to impress (might be handy playing baccarat though).

    cattattoo 20A man tattooed a cat on his chest, using the cat’s anus as his own belly button. Let’s just say this right up front- any tattoo that incorporates actual parts of the persons body is almost universally a total failure.


    insertcoins 15When the lower back tattoo became taboo for females, one man decided to take this funny little counter-cultural status to a new extreme. He tattooed “Insert coins in Slot” above his rear, killing the tiniest bit of sexiness the lower back tattoo still managed to hold onto.



    This one is not as horrible as others, but it is weird and creepy. A woman tattooed a gecko around her hair, as the tail sort of molded into her earhole. It is somewhat impressive, and a little distracting.


    mrcoolice 11

    Some tattoos are obviously fake, and ignored as nothing more than a brief little joke. The man who tattooed ICE in massive black letters over his arms and over his chest (alongside a skeleton which coats his abdomen) is unfortunately, a totally real series of tattoos. We wonder how his life is going.